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contact sex workers and drug users have few pay phones, and the phones that exist are frequently
broken.  Those that do work cannot receive calls, since this function has been disabled to prevent drug
dealers from taking customer calls.  As a result, sex workers and IDUs (or outreach workers acting on
their behalf) who try to use such phones for legitimate purposes are stymied.  Often, they are transferred
to voice mail but cannot leave a number where they can be reached.
Another obstacle to referrals is the wait time for services, especially residential recovery
programs.  The difficult decision to quit using illegal substances is made more difficult when recovery
services are not readily available.  Many such programs require fees which, though modest in some
cases, are still beyond the reach of many of the target population.
Members of the target population either need to receive medical treatment on-the-spot, or be
able to immediately contact an appropriate agency to arrange treatment.
Summary Description of the Problem
Oakland’s African-American community faces HIV/AIDS rates dramatically higher than
national averages, implying the persistence of high-risk behaviors.
Elevated STD rates are a cause of concern in themselves, and in combination with the
prevalence of HIV, can prove deadly. 
Within the African-American population, the highest risk group is injection drug users.  As a
percentage of new AIDS cases attributable to injecting drugs continues to grow dramatically.
Use of crack cocaine and participation in sex work are behaviors that act as “markers” for
injection drug use.
The target population tends to distrust social and medical institutions and therefore be
disconnected from adequate health care.
The target populations typical sources of information tend to be limited and provide partial or
distorted health information.
Referrals provided to the target population through traditional methods are ineffective.
Capability and Experience of Applicant
The Applicant, HIV Awareness Project (HAP), is a minority community-based organization
(see Board of Director’s membership list attached as Appendix B), whose mission is to stop the
devastating spread of HIV among the Bay Area’s communities of color.  To accomplish this, HAP
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