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Evidence of Access to Target Population
In the past year, HAP provided services to 16,663 persons at high risk of contracting HIV
because of drug use or participation in sex work.
  This figure includes:
1263 persons were tested for HIV through mobile clinic
1049 persons attended HIV support groups
5975 persons were assisted at a needle exchange site
2471 street-level outreach contacts with sex workers, substance users, persons with a newly
diagnosed STD infection, and sexual partners of the above
Sixty percent of those receiving services were women, and 40% were men.  80% were African
American, 10% Latino, and 10% other races/ethnicities.
Further evidence of HAP’s relationship with the target population includes the agency’s recently
produced video “Blood Sisters:  Breaking the Silence About HIV.”  Eight HIV positive African-
American women agreed to appear on camera with HAP staff to discuss various aspects of living with
the AIDS virus. (See flyer attached as Appendix C.)
Fiscal Capacity
HAP’s most recent audited annual budget was $747,622.  Since its inception the organization
has administered over 70 grants or contracts, consistently meeting program objectives, reporting
requirements and audit standards.  Major federal grants include:
HIV Prevention and Education:  A $258,000/year project funded by the Centers for Disease
Control (Dates:  9/93-9/97)
These figures refer to client contacts and may include multiple contacts with the same person.
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