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Center also has primary responsibility for providing health care services to the medically indigent
through two hospitals (including Highland Hospital) and a psychiatric center. The Medical Center is
committed to providing comprehensive, high quality medical treatment, health promotion and health
maintenance through its integrated system of health services staffed by individuals who are
responsive to the diverse cultural needs of the community. 
Highland Hospital (1411 East 31st Avenue):  Highland Hospital is located in central Oakland,
close to the Project target areas.  The hospital is within a mile of the high-poverty region of
Fruitvale, two miles from West Oakland, and four miles from East Oakland.  Highland is the
primary provider of health care services to the medically indigent population of Oakland and is
committed to continuous improvement of its services.  In the past year, Highland has undergone
major renovations, including improvements to the main lobby waiting room.  In addition, the hospital
recently secured state financing for a new Critical Care and Clinics Building.  Through its Adult
Immunology Clinic, Highland provides a comprehensive range of outpatient and inpatient services
for persons with HIV/AIDS, including medical care, counseling, case management, and
opportunities to participate in drug trials.  Fees vary according to income, and no one is turned
away because of inability to pay.
Eastern Health Center (2449 88th Avenue):  Eastern provides outpatient medical care, including
STD treatment.  The clinic also provides public health nursing services, including STD screening,
counseling and assistance on child abuse/neglect, nutrition, pregnancy, and disease prevention.
Eastern Health Center is located within a mile and a half of the high-poverty target area in East
Oakland.  Within a year, Eastern plans to relocate to Eastmont Mall, half a mile closer to the target
area.  The population within a half-mile radius of the new location is 82.4% African American.
part of the Alameda County Health Services network of outpatient clinics, Eastern is committed to
providing culturally sensitive medical care to low-income residents of Oakland.
History of the Coalition
In cooperation with the Adult Immunology Clinic, HAP has operated a weekly support group
for IDUs at Highland Hospital since 1993.  This Ryan White funded activity is governed by a
Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations.  While never working formally with
1990 U.S. Census data manipulated using Landview mapping software.
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