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Eastern Health Center, HAP frequently refers clients to the clinic for treatment, especially for STDs.
HAP also performs HIV testing and counseling at Eastern on a quarterly basis.
Rationale for Coalition
The goal of the Coalition is to overcome identified barriers to accessing health care faced by the
target population.  Eastern Health Center has a mission to provide preventive health services to the
medically indigent of Oakland, but has difficulty in gaining the trust of the target population.  Highland
Hospital’s Adult Immunology Clinic has a mission to provide medical services to members of the target
population who are HIV positive.  While early intervention is crucial in such cases, Highland does not
have outreach capacity in the Project’s target areas and so cannot adequately educate residents of such
neighborhoods about the need and availability of the hospital’s services. HAP has the confidence of the
target population, experience in conveying information to them, and a long-term presence in the target
areas.  However, HAP has experienced problems in making effective referrals to medical care facilities.
The Coalition members represent different pieces of a puzzle which put together will result in a
continuum of care for a medically underserved, hard-to-reach population.
To reduce HIV and STD incidence among high-risk populations of African Americans in
To increase knowledge among IDUs and sex workers about their health status.
To ensure timely access to appropriate medical care for sex workers and IDUs.
To increase knowledge about HIV and HIV-prevention techniques among IDUs and sex
To increase the use of safer sex techniques and safer needle practices among IDUs, sex
workers and their partners.
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