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Objectives for Year One
(Objectives for subsequent years are described in the Evaluation section.)
To provide HIV and STD testing to 360 IDUs and sex workers.
For persons who test positive for HIV, to enroll 80% at the Adult Immunology Clinic.
For persons who test positive for an STD, to ensure medical treatment for 75%.
To enroll 24 substance users in a residential recovery program.
For 33% of clients who identify needs, to make on-the-spot appointments with an appropriate
For clients for whom appointments were made, to achieve a 50% rate of completed referrals.
To convey basic information about harm reduction techniques to 2100 members of the target
To have 300 members of target population commit to using latex barriers (condom, dental dam)
with their clients and/or partners the next time they have sex.
To have 225 IDUs commit to cleaning their drug outfits the next time they inject.
To have 225 IDUs commit to using needle exchange services.
Street Level Outreach
Street outreach will occur in neighborhoods where sex workers conduct their business. This
includes the northwest part of the city (“West Oakland”), an area in the middle of the city along
Fruitvale Avenue (“Fruitvale”), and an arc in the southeast part of the city described by 55th Avenue,
MacArthur Blvd, and 98th Avenue (“East Oakland”).  At times, police crack-downs on drugs and
prostitution cause shifts in locations and times at which sex work and drug trade occur.  Staff will track
such shifts and shift outreach accordingly.
Outreach workers will be individuals familiar with the targeted neighborhoods and with street
level sex work/drug culture. The Project will aggressively recruit outreach workers from the target
community/population.  Currently, 50% of HAP’s outreach staff are former sex workers or IDUs.  A
key to effective outreach is to distinguish members of the target population from others on a crowded
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