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street.  Outreach workers will use several strategies.  If they know people in the neighborhood who are
gatekeepers, they will use these key contacts to make further contacts.  They will work through the
existing network of acquaintances/friendships/business contacts.  If they have exhausted a social
network or are not acquainted with potential clients, outreach workers will canvass a neighborhood
looking for behaviors that suggest a person fits the Project’s client profile.  For example, a person who
stands at a street corner for an extended period with an eye on drivers passing by would be
approached.  The outreach worker will not assume such people are prostitutes, but will engage them in
conversation to establish whether they fit the participant profile. 
The initial goal of outreach is to build a relationship with the potential participant.  Therefore, the
content of each contact is not prescribed.  Experience indicates that an excellent way to build rapport is
to provide information/materials perceived to be useful by the potential participant.  Therefore, street
level contacts will often include short and clear HIV prevention education messages, distribution of free
condoms and bleach, and referrals to community resources for various needs the potential participant
identifies.  Outreach teams will each be issued a cellular phone and will use this to make referrals as
needs are identified.  Frequently a client may be working the street, looking to exchange sex and unable
to focus their attention on the outreach worker’s message.  At such times, the worker must determine
the client’s most pressing needs and provide an appropriate intervention.  It is rarely helpful to engage
the client more than he/she is willing.
After an outreach contact (but not in front of the client), the worker will complete a log sheet
entry.  Data to be collected will include location and date, client age, sex, race/ethnic identification,
number of condoms or bleach bottles distributed, client self-identified risk population, safer behavior
commitment, and referrals provided.  More subjective field notes are also recorded.  A full protocol for
an outreach intervention is included as Appendix K.
Effective outreach and relationship building involves repetition, and so the same outreach
workers will generally canvass the same neighborhoods over a period of time, recontacting individuals
several times.
Safety Precautions during Outreach
Outreach will be provided by staff working in teams.  The minimum size of a team will be two
outreach workers.  At no time will a staff person allowed to perform outreach without a partner.  Staff
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