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work in neighborhoods that are marginal and, at times, unsafe.  Outreach is carried out during the
daytime, evening and night.  One outreach worker will engage and interact with a client while the other
assesses safety factors.  Some factors include: 
proximity to illegal activities
proximity to hostile individuals
street lighting
volume of foot traffic
volume of vehicular traffic
weather conditions
Staff will be trained to quickly and quietly remove themselves from any setting they assess to be
potentially dangerous.
Staff will be issued photo identification cards indicating they are HAP employees, in the event
they are mistaken by police for members of the target population.  Staff will have the home phone and
beeper numbers of the Outreach Supervisor and the Executive Director, so they can have quick access
to supervision when needed.  Outreach workers will all carry beepers so they can be contacted if the
need arises.
The Outing:  Small Group Sessions and Health Screenings
The primary objective of the street level outreach is to enroll 360 people into 24 small group
risk-reduction education sessions over the course of the year and have them agree to HIV and STD
screening.  The small group sessions and health screenings will be held on the same day, after outreach
has generated significant interest.  These sessions with 6-12 participants will last about two hours and
will take place in rented hotel/motel rooms close to areas of high drug use and sex trade activity.  We
call this intensive one-day service delivery an “Outing.”  Outings will generally occur twice a month.
The goal of small group sessions is to increase participants understanding of safer sex and drug
use behaviors. In general, a session will be structured as follows:  Introduction, pre-intervention quiz,
discussion of safer sex/drug use practices, role-playing exercises, referrals, post-intervention quiz,
review, questions, closure and distribution of condoms/bleach.  A full protocol for small group sessions
is included at Appendix K. Because the sessions will be driven by the needs of participants, not every
session will include all elements listed in the protocol.  A more intensive questionnaire (see Appendix E)
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