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covering detailed demographic information and a risk behavior history will be administered to 50 small
group participants over the course of the year.
Presentations on harm reduction and information on substance abuse and recovery will be
provided by HAP staff.  Information on STDs and treatment will be provided by a nurse practitioner
from Eastern Health Center.  Any participants who wish to go into recovery can be enrolled on the spot
into a residential recovery program, using Project funds allocated for this purpose.  STD and HIV
testing will be provided on-site.  Participants who test positive will be recontacted and provided
counseling and referral to treatment. 
Mobile clinic staff (outreach workers and nurse) will return the following week to provide test
results and counseling to clients.  Those who test positive for HIV will be immediately referred to the
Adult Immunology Clinic.  STDs will be treated by the nurse.  (Treatment materials are provided at no
cost to the Project.)
Client Incentives
Because participating in small group sessions means time away from making money or seeking
drugs, HAP has found that incentives are crucial to gain participation by clients.  The following incentive
structure has proven successful in other projects.  Each client who is tested for HIV is given $10, either
in cash or in the form of a food voucher.  Each client who returns for results is given another $10.
Refreshments are provided at  small groups.  In addition, a $25 door prize (either cash or voucher) is
given to one client at the end of the session.  This ensures that clients remain for the entire session and
complete the post-test.
In addition to the neighborhood-based Outings, the Project will conduct a number of
presentations to the clients of community organizations on-site.  The information provided during the
presentations will be substantially the same as that provided during the small groups described above.
Organizations that will host presentations include:  the Baart Methadone Clinic, Fisher
Foundation, New Life, Friendly Manor (all residential recovery clinics); County Juvenile Detention;
East-West House (a prison furlough program); and East Oakland Community Project (a homeless
Referrals and Follow-up
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