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The Project Director, C. S., is a member of HPPC and will act as the point person for raising
Project-related issues at HPPC meetings.  Furthermore, as HPPC revises the HIV prevention plan, the
Project Director will act as liaison with other members of the Coalition to ensure the Project is
coordinated with new recommendations.
The evaluation will be coordinated by the Project Director (C. S.) with technical assistance
from Dr. B. B,, a sociology professor at California State, Hayward.  Dr. B. evaluated the effectiveness
of HAP’s interventions for the University-Wide AIDS Research Project.  Resumes for both Dr. B. and
Ms. D. S. are attached in Appendix G.
The evaluation will take into account both impact objectives and process objectives for
supporting activities.  Objectives support the goals described above in the Goals and Objectives
Impact Objectives and Supporting Activities
To provide HIV and STD testing to 360 IDUs and sex workers during 24 intensive one-day
outing in a mobile clinic.  75% of test recipients will return for results.  Year Two:  360/24/80%
Year Three:   360/24/85%
For persons who test positive for HIV, to enroll 70% at the Adult Immunology Clinic. Year
Two:  80%  Year Three:  90%
For persons who test positive for an STD, to ensure medical treatment by the Coalition’s Nurse
Practitioner or a clinic for 75%. Year Two:  80%  Year Three:  85%
To enroll 24 substance users in a residential recovery program.  Each will stay an average of 1
month, though stays may be shorter or longer. Year Two:  24  Year Three:  24
For 33% of clients who identify needs for other support services, to make on-the-spot
appointments with a referral agency. Year Two:  40%  Year Three:  50%
For clients for whom appointments were made with non-Coalition agencies, to achieve a 40%
rate of completed referrals. Year Two:  45%  Year Three:  50%
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