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Basic demographic data (race/ethnicity, gender and age) will be recorded on log sheets even for
brief street outreach contacts based on outreach worker observation.  In cases where clients seem
noncommunicative or in a hurry, age will be estimated by the outreach worker.  Referrals made are also
logged.  A subset of participants (n=50) will be asked questions from the in-depth questionnaire,
covering more detailed demographic information and a risk-behavior history (see Appendix E).
Distribution of materials (condoms, bleach, and other harm reduction materials) will be recorded on log
sheets and small group sign-in sheets.  Data from log sheets, sign-in sheets etc. will be entered into a
database by an administrative assistant and spot checked for accuracy by the Project Director.  Original
data materials are kept on file for at least five years.
Potential for Long-Term Impact and Replicability
Street level outreach in Oakland has proven effective in reducing STD rates in the past.  In
1989, Alameda County accounted for 25% of all of California’s congenital syphilis cases while
accounting for less that 5% of the state’s population.  Because congenital syphilis suggests multiple
cases of infectious syphilis among women in their child-bearing years and their partners, the Alameda
County Health Department established a unique collaborative project with HAP to combat the
epidemic.  HAP provided street outreach to sex workers and IDUs.  After six months, 380 high-risk
women were screened.  Approximately 20% had early syphilis and were treated.  This suggests that a
similar partnership emphasizing not only access to treatment, but also prevention can combat the HIV
The Project is replicable in other communities.  The shift of the epidemic toward the African-
American community and the emergence of IDUs as a very high risk group is a national phenomenon.
While HAP has an unusual history and connection to the target population in Oakland, CBOs with a
commitment to staffing from within their communities and providing culturally sensitive outreach exist in
other cities.  For example, many community action agencies (which are a national network of CBOs)
maintain such commitments, often inscribed in their bylaws.
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