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Agency Capacity Building:  The Management Center provides ongoing
technical assistance to HAP administrative staff on strategic planning, evaluation, coalition
building and fund development.  Staff will consult the Management Center on ways to
improve the Coalition and methods for sustaining the Coalition after the Project ends.
Capacity building technical assistance is funded by the San Francisco AIDS Office.  HAP
staff are scheduled to be trained in the use of the SPSS statistical package in the upcoming
Staff Mental Health
By its nature, street level outreach is high-stress work.  Outreach workers develop bonds with
clients who are suffering from AIDS or may be diagnosed HIV positive at any time.  In addition,
because outreach workers are often former substance users, they may need support to maintain their
commitment to sobriety in the face of life on the street.  Half an hour and sometimes a full hour of each
staff meeting is dedicated to peer support.  Issues typically include substance use and efforts to maintain
sobriety, conflicts with other staff/management, other inter-personal relationships, identification with
target communities, and illness, death, and dying.
Plan for Continuous Improvement
Semiannually, an evaluation team (composed of the outreach supervisor, the HAP executive
director, Eastern Health Center supervisory staff, and the project evaluator) will perform field
observations of staff to assess the level and quality of outreach, risk reduction education, and HIV/STD
screening.  Constructive, supportive and specific feedback will be provided to staff within one week of
field observation.
Weekly, the outreach supervisor will review daily log sheets and field notes for completeness,
accuracy and timeliness.  Staff will be provided feedback, training and coaching either one-on-one or in
a group, as needed.
Staff knowledge and understanding of HIV, STD and substance use issues will be monitored.
Quarterly, staff will be given a short written test to assess their grasp of these topics.  Tests will focus on
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