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To reduce HIV and STD incidence among high-risk populations of African Americans in Oakland.
To increase knowledge among IDUs and sex workers about their health status.
To ensure timely access to appropriate medical care for sex workers and IDUs.
To increase knowledge about HIV and HIV-prevention techniques among IDUs and sex workers.
To increase the use of safer sex techniques and safer needle practices among IDUs, sex workers
and their partners.
Objectives for Year One
To provide HIV and STD testing to 360 IDUs and sex workers.
For persons who test positive for HIV, to enroll 80% at the Adult Immunology Clinic.
For persons who test positive for an STD, to ensure medical treatment for 75%.
To enroll 24 substance users in a residential recovery program.
For 33% of clients who identify needs, to make on-the-spot appointments with a referral agency.
For clients for whom appointments were made, to achieve a 50% rate of completed referrals.
To convey basic information about harm reduction techniques to 600 members of the target
To have 300 members of target population commit to using latex barriers (condom, dental dam)
with their clients and/or partners the next time they have sex.
To have 225 IDUs commit to cleaning their drug outfits the next time they inject.
To have 225 IDUs commit to using needle exchange services.
METHODOLOGY (PROGRAM PLAN):  Street outreach will occur in neighborhoods where sex
workers conduct their street-based economy.  Outreach workers will be individuals familiar with the
neighborhoods and who are trusted by potential participants.  Short and intensive HIV prevention
education messages will be provided on the street.  The primary objective of this outreach is to enroll
people into small group risk-reduction education sessions to be held during mobile testing activity.
These sessions will take place in rented hotel/motel rooms close to areas of high drug use and sex trade
Presentations on harm reduction will be provided by HAP staff.  Information on STDs and treatment
will be provided by a nurse practitioner from Eastern Health Center. Any participants who wish to go
into recovery can be enrolled on the with fees paid by Project funds.  STD and HIV testing will be
provided on-site.  Participants who test positive will be recontacted and provided counseling and
referral to treatment. 
HIV/STD screening will occur twice a month. 
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