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Total cost for the one-year project will be $100,021.  We ask that Marin Community
Foundation cover the operating expenses, a total of $27,221.  The Marin Board of
Supervisors has committed $5,000.  In addition, Marin Supervisor H. B. is seeking
additional funds to match the Foundation’s grant dollar-for-dollar.  A letter of
commitment/support from him is attached.  The Breast Cancer Research Council has
committed $13,000 for preparation of a research proposal on factors in adolescence that
put women at risk for breast cancer later in life.   Grants are pending at various
foundations, as listed on the “Funding Sources” form in the attachments.  In addition, we
will continue donor solicitations and special events, estimated to raise $11,600, based on
last year’s figures.
Breast Cancer Awareness Network was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996 by
survivors of breast cancer.  The Board of Directors includes eight members, seven of
whom are cancer survivors and therefore have a strong commitment to the organization’s
mission. Several members of the medical community act as consultants to BCAN
including Dr. F. H., radiation oncologist at Marin General Hospital; Dr. M. W. and Dr.
M. L., both of the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department at UCSF; Dr. G. F., a
physician at the Marin Community Clinic; Dr. W.  M., director of the Division of
Pediatric Hematology Oncology at UCSF; Dr. D.  E., epidemiologist at the San Francisco
Department of Public Health.  Over the past three years, we have striven to provide the
most current but scientifically-supported information to the Marin community.  As a
result, we were recently awarded a $75,000 grant by the University of California system
for a pilot study of factors in adolescence that later put women at risk for breast cancer. 
While research is important, most of our effort goes to community education.  Since its
inception, BCAN has sponsored monthly educational forums at Marin General Hospital,
providing information on alternative health care, diet, and environmental issues relevant
to breast cancer.  Speakers have included M. M., M.D.; M. D., Ph.D.; D. O., M.D.; L. P.,
president of the Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project; and S. S., Ph.D. and author of
Living Downstream.  BCAN sponsored the screening of Rachael’s Daughters (a
documentary about breast cancer produced by two academy award winning film makers)
at the 1997 Mill Valley Film Festival.  The screening was sold out and raised $10,000 for
the organization.  Early in 1999, we will sponsor a screening of Exposure, an award-
winning documentary that discusses links between environmental toxins and disease.  In
1997, five board members attended the World Conference on Breast Cancer and later
presented findings to the Marin community at an educational forum.  The event was
given front page coverage by the Marin Independent Journal.  Earlier this year, board
member R. M. was interviewed for an article on breast cancer published in the Pacific
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